How to get your moles investigated in the best manner?

The best, state-of-the-art method for the examination of pigmented moles is using a digital dermatoscope.

It allows for the evaluation of manifestations on skin in a much more accurate manner than an inspection with a naked eye or using a magnifying glass.

In our centre, we use the microFinder digital dermatoscope, which is one of the best products on the market. It is equipped with a special camera with a magnifying glass, which performs in-depth transillumination of the mole, up to 50x magnification, capturing photographs for analysis. Preventive examinations of pigmented skin lesions is very important these days as the incidence of skin cancer and malignant melanoma is increasing rapidly. A detailed follow-up during the time may help to discover potential deviations that might lead to skin cancer development.

The experienced dermatologist who works with the dermatoscope is highly-skilled in the diagnostics of pigmented skin lesions.

Using microFinder

Thanks to a special software, each mole can be comfortably viewed on the screen and stored in a database; during the next check-up examination we can compare the images and look for changes. A databank stored in the device contains thousands of images that can be used for comparison with the particular mole to be examined – and in a few seconds the mole is assessed with maximum accuracy for a possible health hazard. According to the result, it is possible to decide how to remove the mole, or whether it is possible to keep it.

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Vyšetření digitálním dermatoskopem

1 znaménko 1 000 Kč
2 až 3 znamnka 1 500 Kč
nad 3 znaménka individuálně
Kontrola znamének digitálním dermatoskopem v době kratší než 3 měsíce 500 Kč